Time For Reaping

16th August 2019

“It's time for reaping!” I heard these words from Dr Sam Matthews at the Bless Wales event earlier this year. Today, the Lord brought the words back to me as I read a Word for Britain from Veronika West. “Yes, it's time for reaping!”, says the Lord, “Its time to reap what has been sown! The harvest will be huge!”

I thought, “Yes Lord, I remember, You've spoken about the harvest.” “Prepare the barns!”, says God, “for the harvest is not totally as you imagine! There needs to be a barn for Kingdom harvest. Have I not shown you and told you that the fields are white unto harvest? The harvest for My Kingdom shall be great, and there shall be great joy and rejoicing both in heaven and on earth.” “Yet there will be another barn required. This shall be for a different harvest!”, says God, “This barn will hold the fearful harvest reaped from those whose seeds of evil have been exposed! Yes, you evil doers, you are about to reap what you have sown.

Just as My people have sown good seed and shall reap a good harvest, so you who have sown seeds of evil shall also reap a harvest and you shall pay for your evil deeds. Vengeance and justice is mine”, says the Lord, “and evil doers, and those who sow evil, shall account for their deeds in both earth and in heaven!”

To quote Dr Sam Matthews again, “It's time for reaping!”, is a double edged sword. Those who have sown Kingdom seed shall reap a Kingdom harvest. Those who have down evil seed shall also reap, but theirs is the harvest they deserve - unless they repent very soon. You who have ears - let them hear the Lord today! Amen

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