18th March 2022


This is not a new prophecy but confirmation of everything I've been hearing these last three days. Yes, these past three days I've heard prophecy, I've heard God speaking, I've heard so much about ‘suddenly’, and ‘turn around’, but what stands out is the one phrase - ‘The Time is Now’. The great RESET, Gods Great RESET, is upon us. Now, when I heard this, I hesitated. I asked the Lord to confirm this as I don't want to bring another false hope to people who have had one false hope after another given to them with barely perceptible movement either way. But the Lord confirmed this with three phrases, spoken to me today as I waited upon Him. Firstly, the Lord said, “Time is up”. Time is up for those who've been given time to repent for their evil ways, and for those who've doubted His promises and words to them spoken through His prophets in line with Amos 3:7 - “The Lord does nothing without He reveals it first to His servants the prophets!” Secondly, the Lord said very clearly, “The Time is Now!”, indicating and confirming that time has run out for those unable, unwilling, or even defiant in their determination to ignore all the evil going on around us in the world. Politically and spiritually, these last three years have been shaking the false world of politics, diplomacy, and physically - earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, storms and so on have increased beyond exponentially. The Time is NOW for the shaking to reveal all that God wants revealed to the world. Many will believe the revelations and be appalled and ashamed they ever gave credence to what they heard but ignored or disbelieved. The whole house of cards is about to fall! It is time for repentance.Thirdly and finally, tonight, the Lord gave Robin D Bullock a phrase that shook me to my core. He sang, “Run, Esther, Run!” and immediately my spirit leapt as I heard it. I saw Haman, Esther, and her husband, the king, and I saw Esther running to her husband with the revelation of Haman’s sin against the people, and all the resulting turmoil, including Haman throwing himself upon the queen and thus confirming her accusation to the king, and actions. It struck me that, had Esther waited any longer, Haman would have succeeded. Had she acted earlier, she would have been laughed to scorn and Haman would have succeeded. The parallel with the world situation now is obvious - timing was everything. This is why God is saying today that the Time is Now! Then the Lord brought to mind another word I heard in the last 24 hours, “Early May you won't recognise where we'll be!” This clearly indicated, prophesied to me, of Trump returning, the swamp being exposed and starting to drain, and a vast flood of repentance and turning to the Lord as the long prophesied revival begins. I believe this revival will continue for several years, and a stability will return to the world which has been very much missing of late. As I said at the beginning, this is not a new prophecy but a confirmation of everything I've been hearing these last three days. But more than that, it's a message of great hope and encouragement that we are reaching the end of a very long, dark, tunnel of fear and despondency to which Satan has subjected us all! Glory to God. Thank you Lord. We praise you and give you all the glory. CGB 15 March 2022

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