The God Who Answers By Fire...He IS God

3rd August 2021


“… the God who answers by fire, He is God.” 1 Kings 18:24I've been seeing a lot of fire lately. I've seen it on preachers like Kent Christmas, Robin D Bullock and Amanda Grace. I've seen it in written words from people like Veronika West and Wanda Alger. I've seen it on places like Blaenannerch Chapel, on Red River Meeting House, and I'm now seeing it on hills and mountains, and on churches - even on people. What's going on?The Spirit of the Lord reminded me of Elijah on Mt. Carmel, and He showed me His Glory shining brightly from the burning bush. He said, very simply, “It's time for My FIRE to fall on holy ground.” “How will we know what You regard as Holy Ground, Lord?”, I asked. “Anywhere I command you to call on Me to send My Fire!”, He replied.Then, in the Spirit, I saw the fire of God fall in several places, many of them known to me, many unknown. I understood these places to be Wells of Revival in various places around the world, but particularly throughout the UK and the USA. I believe we are to cry out for God to ‘answer by fire’ once again. I believe we will be witnesses to the Fire of God falling by lightning, by thunderbolt, and by various other means. Some will be physical, and some will be spiritual. I've already had a vision of my own staff being struck by lightning, and I believe it will happen too!So I believe the Lord is calling all whom He commands to cry out to Him for His Fire to fall - and we shall see it in many places. I see it in Wales, in Scotland, in USA. More specifically, I see it at Red River Meeting House, I see it in the Preseli Hills in the area of Blaenannerch Chapel, I see latter day Wesley's ‘burning’ with Holy Spirit Fire, and people once again ‘coming from miles around to watch them burn’!The Fire of God is about to fall on our land. This is NOT for the faint-hearted, this is not for the lukewarm. This Fire of God is for the ON FIRE REMNANT CHURCH and will sweep our countries into the greatest revival ever seen or even imagined.Thus saith the LORD.

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