15th August 2019

There's a different wind blowing over Texas. It's not a stormy wind, although it's a strong wind. It's not any usual weather related wind - in fact many won't even know it's blowing. This is the Lords cleansing wind. It comes to blow away dust, dirt, and cobwebs. It will blow dust off many established churches that have followed their own sweet way for years. Nothing much has changed, which is why the dust has settled there. They follow the same people, the same programs. They sing the same old hymns to the same old tunes. When the dust is blown away, they will not recognise themselves and many will want the ‘old self’ church back, but the presence of the Lord will once again be noticeable and His Spirit will lead many to new life in Christ. If the old is brought back then those made new in Christ will leave for a ‘new life’ church. This wind will blow on the dirt in the church. It will uproot non-Christian practices, strongholds, and it will uncover dishonesty, immoral practices. It will expose and bring down bad shepherds. It will, where necessary, remove the lampstand from the church - and the church may very well die! The wind of Holy Spirit will bring forth a new holiness movement that will shake the whole church to its foundations. A new house church movement will emerge from this shake-up. Finally, the wind about to blow on Texas will uproot and expose witchcraft throughout the church, cobwebs. It will expose the Jezebel spirit - but Jezebel will fight back. Be prepared for a huge spiritual war! Witchcraft, New Age, and other occultic practices (horoscopes, mediums, tarot, and all similar) will be exposed. Again, a new holiness movement will arise and many will either change churches or join new house churches. The wind about to blow on Texas, and then over the whole United States, is the Ruach of God, the wind of the Holy Spirit, sent to shake and clean the Church and prepare the Bride of Christ. “Watch”, says the Lord. “Watch as I expose the present church for is short-comings. Watch as a take the lampstand and plant it in new good ground. Watch as I clean the dust, dirt, and witchcraft from My church and build My Bride. Texas, you are My vanguard ‘clean church movement’ upon which I will build My Church in America! This shake-up starts right now!”, says the Lord of Hosts.

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