15th August 2019

There's been all manner of prophetic words for almost every corner of the UK & Ireland this year. Revival is coming is the predominant message upon which most, if not all, are agreed. Where there is a distinct lack of agreement is on the subject of WHERE revival is coming - first! Many say Scotland; more say Wales. Very few say England, and I've not heard one say Northern Ireland or Eire! It's like many folk appear to be vying for Gods attention and favour so that their chosen patch is first!

But that's NOT what I believe God to be saying. I have said all of this before, and I repeat it all here, that I believe God in His wisdom and mercy, IS sending revival to the British Isles, BUT there are one or two criteria that folk need to catch and firmly get a hold on. Repentance True repentance and a turning away from whatever keeps us from revival is an absolute essential! 2 Chronicles 7:14 says it all. “If My people etc . . .” has been a mantra that we have tritely tripped out time and time again. Trouble is - I don't think many understand, let alone actually mean, what they're saying. As Christians, both individually and corporately, we need to be on our faces in genuine sorrowful repentance before the Lord, our God!

Over the decades, and with the rise of the various different, perhaps watered down gospels, the church seems to have forgotten what true repentance means, and how to repent - even the necessity of repentance! We need to rediscover repentance as a prerequisite part of revival. Holiness Many prophets, including me, have spoken about the need for a greater holiness in our personal daily lives. Holiness will be as much a hallmark of the coming revival as repentance will be a necessity. Indeed, I prophesy that there will come alongside the move of repentance, a distinct move of personal holiness - maybe as a direct reaction to the current revelations of corruption and immorality. No leader The first thing the Lord has shown me about the coming move, which is different to any previous revival, is that there will be no identifiable leader. Many may be proposed, even claim, leadership, but none will ever be universally acknowledged as such! No first place The second thing the Lord has shown me is that no one place will be seen or noted as the place where revival began. There will be no Moriah Chapel as in the Welsh Revival. There will be no Azusa Street Mission, as in America. This is simply because revival will, I believe, break out virtually simultaneously all over Britain and Ireland!

Of course, there will be those who try to claim ‘here first’, but none will be generally accepted nor established. SIMULTANEOUS ERUPTION Did you catch that - there is coming a SIMULTANEOUS ERUPTION of revival throughout the UK and Ireland that will begin in small ways in small corners. Like any wildfire, this revival will spread around and from each hotspot in order to join other hotspots across these islands until we have nationwide Revival which in turn will, like all its predecessors, spread throughout the world and join other revivals which will start, may well have already started, elsewhere!

This is what I believe the Lord is telling and showing me about Revival that is about to fall upon the UK and Ireland in this very soon coming season. Indeed, it is here now - waiting for us to do what the Lord is asking us to do to start things off - REPENT!

One comment on “Simultaneously”

  1. Yes and Amen! Our groups of revivalists are to prepare to house His glory!
    Lets prepare our hearts, draw near to Jesus, be refreshed daily, walk very close to Jesus, breathe His breath, and be ready for His fire to set us alight!
    In the words of the old song; -
    Here I am wholly available, as for me I will serve you Lord.
    And another; -
    Light a fire down in my heart, that I cant contain and I cant control
    Your presence Lord!

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