16th July 2019
Father's Cry

Oh Church, My beloved children, My people, will you not turn to Me and seek Me for who I am? Do you know how much I long to have you discover Me - who I am, how much I long […]

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9th July 2019

FOR MY WARRIOR DAUGHTERS: I saw this vision this morning for a friend and she believes that this is a corporate word for Father's Warrior daughters: I saw you as floating under water (you've seen the pictures of flowing dresses […]

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7th July 2019
Renaissance of Glory

Sitting here this evening thinking about all the extraordinary events taking place in the world at this time and I heard the Spirit say 'There's a renaissance of Glory coming'. I found that a fascinating thing to say and it […]

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4th July 2019
10 Days in Wales

We are just back from a life changing few days in Wales. “So, what's new about you going to Wales?”, I hear you ask. Well, there's nothing new about us GOING to Wales, but it's all about what we received […]

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22nd June 2019
Those Who Lapped From Their Hands

Are you one who laps from your hand, or are you among those who will be rejected and sent home in peace? The story in Judges 7 tells how the Lord directed Gideon to chose his remnant army, just 300 […]

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22nd June 2019
Fresh Mantles

I spotted this quotable quote on Facebook and it started me thinking. It's a good solid word worthy of our thoughts. “Out of all the true Apostles & Prophets I know, none of them aspired to be one nor sought […]

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