Open Your Spiritual Eyes

27th May 2019


I've been recently saying that if I have one prayer that I pray it's that people will ask God to open their spiritual eyes that they can see what He is doing by His Spirit and not listen to what the world/news says because they can't be trusted.

He IS Truth, He IS the Faithful One who is trustworthy. He certainly is the only one who has our best interests at heart. It's time for the church to wake up. There are pockets within His church which are awake or waking, but far, far too many are still asleep and are going to be overtaken by the darkness and the shaking which is coming.

The coming shaking is going to require ALL of us praying and taking a stand against what the devil is planning in the short time he has left. Shake the slumber off!!

We're the Army of God and we need to be at the ready and in His service!

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