Open Door

15th August 2019

My wife recently used a picture of a gateway which, as I looked at it, a warrior angel stood in the centre of it. Then a friend sent us this picture of another gateway, and again, the same warrior angel appeared in the centre of it! I asked the Lord what was I seeing. “This is the ‘Door to Revival’.” “So, why the angel?” “You're not yet ready to enter this place.” “Hmmm ???” “Too any people still want it on their terms. They want to limit My Spirit. They want to control things. They're scared of offending. Scared of upsetting the tithers - of interrupting the finances - of losing them. They still haven't grasped My provision, My timing, My agenda. They haven't believed My promises.” “Revival IS COMING!”, He said, “but only to those prepared for it. Only to those who have, and will continue, to pay the price. In fact”, the Lord continued, “the coming revival will define My remnant army, who, like Gideon’s few before them, will take every place they walk upon!” I remembered the verse given to us a couple of months ago, Genesis 13:17, “Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you.” and Joshua 1-3 “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you.” “Yes”, says the Lord, “those whom I appoint and use to steward revival shall reap a vast harvest and will receive their reward from Me, but those who seek and have revival only on their terms shall receive all the reward they shall ever get from men.” “So how long will your angel stay in the gateway, Lord?” “Until I tell him to stand aside and allow you through!”, said the Lord. “Get yourselves ready! and in a very short while I will send My Spirit with the revival you seek. Then you will see My Glory. Then you will see signs, wonders, and the miracles you seek. Then you will reap the promised harvest.”, says our God.

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