No Man Can Glory in What's Coming

15th June 2019

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Earlier this year, I prophesied this, and I prophesy this again today, "I prophesy again to the same four corners, to the same North, South, East, and West, to the bones, and to the breath! “Your cloud is here!”, says the Lord. “It is TIME for the rains to begin. It is TIME for the cloud of My presence to manifest, for repentance and salvation, for signs, wonders, and inexplicable miracles. This will happen simultaneously!"
We were talking to a good prophet friend Veronika West
this morning, and she brought us back to this Word. When revival does come, and come it most certainly will, it will come to North, South, East, and West - simultaneously! It will break in the North - Scotland; it will break in the South - Wales; it will break in the East - England; and it will break in the West - ALL Ireland; and it will happen simultaneously! Why? "So that no man, nor any church, nor any town, nor any country will be able claim to be the source. The source of Revival is My Holy Spirit!", says God, "and no man shall get any portion of My glory!"
God is confirming a His Word again today!
Glory to God! by Chris Bennett

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