Kaleidoscopes Are God's Taste

19th July 2019

Last week we were in a prophetic breakout session in Wales with Prophet Graham Jones and were asked if we had a 'word' for anyone there. I didn't get a personal word, but received a corporate word during an exchange with the Lord.
There were about 10 of us in this session and as we were standing in a circle I had my eyes closed and all of a sudden I smelled crayons. There was a little one near by so I thought perhaps she had begun to colour near me. No she wasn't, but the odour of crayons was strong.
I closed my eyes again and when I opened them the people who were standing in this circle with me all looked like crayons! I saw that each one was a different colour. These colours were strange as it looked like pink, but really wasn't any colour of pink I'd seen before. Same with all the other colours. Common colours but they seemed more brilliant and translucent. Just beautiful.
As I was looking at these people who now looked like crayons a steam/mist began to emanate from their heads as a large circular disc came down from the ceiling. Each one was pulled into this sphere and began to spin like a beautiful kaleidoscope. As I looked at these beautiful colours making all kinds of shapes the Lord spoke. 'See how beautiful my children are. No two are exactly the same colour, but as they join as one they become this beautiful mixture of the colours of my heart. Kaleidoscopes are my taste'. People, time is getting short and I believe we need to choose to be in unity and stand with one another as we see the end draw nearer and nearer. Unity in the Truth is a beautiful thing.

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