18th March 2022

This afternoon I could feel God pulling at me to go to a quiet place so He could speak to me. What comfort He brings when things seem like chaos all around. Below is what He gave me: When you asked Me to end the corruption and remove wicked leaders did you think it would be pretty? You're hearing the death rattle of the evil one and his minions. They know they are defeated. I say they WILL be removed! Remember when I told you in February 2019 that I was going to do a 'Divine Reset'? You didn't know that the evil plotters were planning on their own re-set. But, theirs will FAIL. Who do they think they are? What power do they think they wield? They are NO match for ME!! I rule the Universe. They are pathetic in My sight. Can you not hear Me laugh at their plans? They think they are so clever. But watch! When I turn MY light on to expose them they will scatter like cockroaches back to their dark hidden places. But SURPRISE!! I have fooled them and closed off their access. They're trapped! No place to hide and they will now have to face justice. MY justice! Oh, My children. Cling to Me. Trust Me. You are My joy and I will protect you. Because you are My joy I will release over you and in you My Joy!!No more gloom, depression or foreboding of what is to come. NO!!! You are now released into ALL I have provided for you My beloved. I love you with an everlasting love. You are mine says the Lord of Hosts. Rejoice, Praise and watch with your eyes the destruction of their evil. Written by Linda G. Bennett February 2022

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