GREY WOODPECKERS - Heaven's promises into life's realities

28th September 2019

As some of you may remember, I don't remember many dreams - hardly any in fact. So the other night, in my hospital bed, the lord took me slowly and methodically through a dream. Not just the once, but several times over about a five to six hour period.

I was in a house where everything was dark and heavy. There was a mantle of gloom over the whole house. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked to see an adult female woodpecker hopping around squawking. She was looking for her baby. I looked around. Eventually, I spotted a very small dull grey woodpecker in the crease between wall and ceiling. He was scared and looking for a way out.

I heard the lord say, “Catch him in a cloth. Cover his head or he will attack you!” I covered him with a dish drying towel, took him to a window, and let him loose. Mum flew off after him. As he flew away, his proper colours of black, white, and red returned - the air of doom lifted, and everything became normal.

God reminded me of long locked up promises being released, fulfilled to His great glory. A season of fulfilment is breaking over the church as she steps out in faith to claim those promises. It's not a time to claim what you would like to have been promised, but to claim that which god promised to you and your family. It's a time of transferral of heavens promises into life's realities.

2 comments on “GREY WOODPECKERS - Heaven's promises into life's realities”

  1. I jumped on this because I am a bird lover and spend a lot of time watching and photographing birds. But how true this is! There are so many little grey woodpeckers, fluttering round as high as they can go in their small space hemmed in by religion and the world, not knowing their true colours in Christ yet attacking all who would want to take them to the window and release them into their destiny. We rescued a young (grey!) pigeon a couple of days ago. It had fallen out of its next and was scrabbling around upside down in the dirt with a damaged wing. We put it in a box and took it a wildlife rehabilitation centre, where it will be nurtured and set free. Not unlike the woodpecker of your dream.

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