Fresh Mantles

22nd June 2019

I spotted this quotable quote on Facebook and it started me thinking. It's a good solid word worthy of our thoughts.

“Out of all the true Apostles & Prophets I know, none of them aspired to be one nor sought it out, and if folks understood the warfare involved they wouldn’t either.” Michael Fram

All these self-appointed folk, all of them well-meaning I'm sure, have any of them been called by the Lord? Have any of them paid the price? Are any of them ready for the responsibility of the office they so casually assume? OK, some are indeed what they call themselves, but many really and truly are not even close - but they do love the title.

I believe the Lord is about to release fresh mantles upon those He chooses for these offices. Those chosen, I believe, will already have paid much of the price, will already be walking in the office, but will be unrecognised and unacclaimed as such. Yet they will carry the presence and anointing. They will eschew the titles, and the recognition, but they will carry the authority - perhaps without ever realising it - such will be their humility.

The church is desperately in need of prophets and apostles and the Lord is about to release them upon the land. As the Word says in Amos 3:7 “For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.” The church desperately needs apostles and prophets to set her back on the narrow path once more - and the Lord is about to do just that! They will war in heaven and on earth for those things about which the Lord speaks to them. They will not seek acclaim nor recognition nor position. They will simply and humbly just get on with the job the Lord has given them.

Those self-appointed and self-promoted ones will simply fall by the wayside because the Lord will not be with them - He will only anoint and be with those that He alone promotes. They, His chosen ones, will carry His presence, His authority, and His anointing.

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