9th July 2019

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I saw this vision this morning for a friend and she believes that this is a corporate word for Father's Warrior daughters:
I saw you as floating under water (you've seen the pictures of flowing dresses in the water and hair floating all around) and twirling around you were beautiful ribbons of all different colours and they were dancing all around you and then I saw them one at a time swirl around you and they had writing on them. I pressed in to see what each one of them said and this is what the Lord showed me that was on them: First ribbon was white and on this ribbon were the words Holy Presence of God and surrender; next ribbon was Red and on it these words: Passion, fire, war, authority; next was blue and on it was the River of God, flow of refreshing; next was yellow and on it was Humbleness; next was Green on this one was Healing, peace in green pastures, prosperity; next was Orange with these words Courage and Strength; Purple was next and on it I saw Royalty and an heir to the throne, Noble birth; next was Gold and these words Purification, Deliverance, Favour of God and Passion for Christ; the last colour was Pink and these words Joy and a Heart of Passion. As I was praying through these I believe the Lord is causing you to be buoyant in passion for Him and that He's taking the weight off your shoulders so you CAN float in His Presence and that He's releasing all the names of these colours into your life to train, comfort and encourage.

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