End Times Are Upon Us

27th May 2019

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A serious warning for Christians everywhere.

Many people are in a dry place right now. They're under attack, often quite heavy attack from the enemy. Talking to the Lord this morning, to many people, including me, He has gone very quiet. This is the fulfilment of His promise to prepare us for the coming season. When He goes silent is when we have to dig deep and really listen because the enemy is trying to drown Him out! Silence Him. Cut us off from God. The enemy is making so much distractive noise that it can seem like God isn't talking, is silent, is maybe leaving us to our own devices in order to test us!

This is nonsense!

Here is what I hear the Lord saying at the moment. “This is the lull before the storm. This is the period in which everything is waiting - tense, wound up tight, just waiting to explode with action. If My people will still themselves in My presence, the noises of the world will fade and My people shall hear My voice very clearly.”

“There is coming”, says the Lord, “a period of warfare like nothing you've seen before and the enemy shall throw everything at My appointed people to prevent and stop this. There shall be revelations so shocking, so vile, that many will refuse to believe the human race has fallen that far from Me! Yet the evidence shall be beyond denial and many shall turn on Me and, in their anger, shall completely deny Me. Yet there shall be My remnant who shall cry out to Me in their desperation, they shall cry out for mercy and for Me to justify their faith. And I shall answer them. I shall send wave after wave of Holy Spirit healing, and revival, and this shall manifest by a rising of My people who will demand justice. They will not celebrate this justice but rather mourn that the world has so far moved from God as to make this justice necessary. They will repent in tears and bring millions of others with them to the altars of mercy!”

“Watch out”, says God, “for those who distract the most by their protest as they become the first to fall, the first to partake the bitter taste of justice. They will weep and wail, but behind them shall come those who by their great sin have caused this fall. Some you are expecting but some will not only surprise you but will cause waves of disbelief followed by waves of anger as evidence shows their foul deeds for what they are! People shall liken it to the French Revolution as the masses cheered those who fell.”

“Yet”, says the Lord, “I will show mercy. There shall be a very obvious ‘light at the end of a dark tunnel’ and I shall lead my people into the light once more. Even so”, He says, “This will not be the end of things as there are other battles over the hill, out of your sight at this moment, that My people will need to prepare for too. This storm will not be the last storm, but it will prepare and embolden My people for what is still to come.”

I believe this is the true beginning of the end times and a warning to prepare. I believe Brexit will cause a revolt that will bring down the British government, and eventually, most of Europe with it! I believe there will be world-wide repercussions over what's happening in America right now, and I believe thereby even be civil wars in many countries over the continuing rise of Islam - which is a political system NOT a religion.

Yes, the end times really are upon us. GET READY !!!

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