End-time Company of Prophets

15th August 2019

“My people beg of Me for vision, for understanding, for enlightenment!”, says the Lord, “Have I not sent My prophets? Do you not listen to them?” “Ahh”, He says, “You don't like what they say. They do not tickle your ears. Some do, of course, but more and more are coming into line with that which I tell them to speak - and you don't want to hear what I say, you only want to hear that which pleases your itching ears!” “Hear Me today then!”, says God. “I am raising a company of end-time prophets who will faithfully say, and keep on saying, that which I tell them to say! They may not be popular, they may not even he liked, but they will represent Me and they will bring My thoughts to My people!” “Time is short and My people are not prepared for the coming season, neither are they prepared to listen to many of My prophets. So I am raising more prophets to remind them of My Words and they will start to listen more closely. My people need to be prepared for the marriage supper of the Lamb for it is approaching faster than many believe. It is closer than many are willing to think and many will be caught with no oil for their lamp. This is now the principle work for My Company of Prophets - to prepare and ready the Bride for the Bridegroom.” “This is why I am raising afresh My Company of Prophets - to prepare My Bride. My people do not listen to the prophets I am sending today, but they will listen to My new prophets who shall carry My fresh anointing!”, says the Lord Almighty. P.S. As we read and prayed over this Word before release, Linda added, “I see 8,9,10,11 year olds prophesying and bringing the Word of the Lord.” This bore great witness to me as I have long prophesied the role of children in the coming revival.

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