Don't Take Things for Granted

15th August 2019

We just spent a few days in Wales. It was a lovely time, part work, part play. Anointed meetings and a heatwave - a rare combination in the UK. The meetings were led by a team of worshippers who are not the usual team - they were wonderful. We drove back home, 123 miles, in under 2 hours! It's school holidays but, even so, we didn't expect such a good run. We didn't speed, we just met no resistance from heavy traffic! Then we got home to find no internet, apparently due to an external fault somewhere which they say they'll fix tomorrow. Something we took for granted had failed! Everything about this trip was not “business as usual”. Then the Lord started to speak and show me things. I saw churches which prayed for revival, had ‘revival’ meetings, but who still carried on their pre-planned meetings, who still did all their ‘good works’, and who, to all intents and purposes, carried on ‘as normal’! There was no change. Their schedule was still The governing factor in everything they planned and everything they did. The Lord simply said, “They take me, My Spirit, their salvation - everything - totally for granted. When My Spirit moves, don't Take Things for Granted. Things will not be the same. Everything changes when My Spirit falls on your meetings and on My people!” He showed me other churches who had embraced His Spirit and who were paying the price for revival. I saw crowded, long long meetings. I saw miracles signs and wonders - incredible healing, changed lives, changed attitudes, changed agendas, and changed communities in which the churches were placed. “These take nothing for granted, even though I have given them everything. They do not let up for a moment. Look!” I was taken out the back of the churches, where nobody usually goes. There were fires burning. “See this?”, He asked, “This is all the rubbish, all the dross and unnecessary stuff they used to do but no longer need.” I was taken inside the churches. I saw groups studying, praying, worshipping, eating, and even living together. But the thing that struck me was not the changed lives of the adults, and all of their lives were changed. No. It was the way children were being taught, raised, and used in Kingdom work. Children healing, children interceding, children prophesying, children worshipping - child disciples with faith to move mountains! “Don't Take Things for Granted!”, says God. “Let Me build My church just as I promised! And I will give you a church fit for My habitation - fit to be the Bride of Christ.” Hear the words of the Lord today! “Don't Take Things for Granted!”

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