19th June 2019

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One thing we can rely on from the enemy, Satan - he will always reveal his plans in an unavoidably obvious way! So it is once again in the UK right now over the Tory leadership, Brexit, and Trump. The enemy is using these, and many other schemes, to bring division to the Body of Christ. And great damage has been done to the church and to the credibility of Christ's cause. We need to repent for this. The Lord would say, “I have allowed this spirit of division to be sowed among you in order to facilitate the sifting of wheat and tares, sheep and goats, good seed and bad seed. Now is the time to bring the remnant together in unity of faith. Now is the time to pray in unity for the Lords will to be done regardless of your personal wishes. It is time to declare the goodness of the Lord in every situation. It is time to praise, worship, and give Him the glory in unity together as one!”

I am reminded that on the Day of Pentecost, the disciples were gathered together ‘in one accord’, waiting on the Lord. I am reminded that, in that one accord, the 120 became over 3000 in one day. I am reminded that, in unity of prayer and praise, the house where they were meeting ‘was shaken’! Now is the time for us to gather in one accord; for the Lord to once again add ‘3000’ to our number; for our meeting places to be, once again, shaken! Now is the time for us to welcome the Lord, and to allow Him to root out division and discord, and to plant unity in the Body of Christ. ~ Chris Bennett

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