Come to the Cross

15th August 2019

The need for workers to bring in the harvest has never been greater. “What must we do, brother?”, is heard from every side. The Lord is seeking those with willing hearts and a longing for revival.

I hear the Lord saying, "If you want to be used of Me, if you want the anointing I have, and have always had for you, then come to the cross! If you once had the anointing but it's faded, then come back to the cross."

"If you are young and wonder what I've got for you, come to the cross. If you're older, perhaps a senior now, there's no retirement in My Kingdom - come back to the cross.”

“If you're a beginner, new to Christ, and you wonder what is your anointing, your calling, then come to the cross. If you've been saved years, maybe you've done little or nothing, maybe you've done great things, but you're not sure if I can use you any more, then come back to the cross.”

“Now is the day, the hour, that I am calling My people as never before. Now is the moment to come to the cross. Now is the moment to come back to the cross. Don't dwell in the past. Don't dream of the future. Come to the cross NOW and let Me minister to YOU!”

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