15th August 2019
End-time Company of Prophets

“My people beg of Me for vision, for understanding, for enlightenment!”, says the Lord, “Have I not sent My prophets? Do you not listen to them?” “Ahh”, He says, “You don't like what they say. They do not tickle your […]

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19th July 2019
Kaleidoscopes Are God's Taste

Last week we were in a prophetic breakout session in Wales with Prophet Graham Jones and were asked if we had a 'word' for anyone there. I didn't get a personal word, but received a corporate word during an exchange […]

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16th July 2019
A Serious Cry for Unity

We've just returned from another conference - this one in Cardiff, the capitol city of Wales. What a few days we had too. The overriding mood was one of intimacy in the presence of God. We were bowled over by […]

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4th July 2019
10 Days in Wales

We are just back from a life changing few days in Wales. “So, what's new about you going to Wales?”, I hear you ask. Well, there's nothing new about us GOING to Wales, but it's all about what we received […]

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