15th June 2019
No Man Can Glory in What's Coming

Earlier this year, I prophesied this, and I prophesy this again today, "I prophesy again to the same four corners, to the same North, South, East, and West, to the bones, and to the breath! “Your cloud is here!”, says […]

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4th June 2019
Today I hear echoes of revival

Today I hear echoes of revival ringing in my ears. I hear the old hymns; I hear the cries of excitement as people are healed; I hear the sobbing weeping cries of penitents at the altar as they receive salvation. […]

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27th May 2019
Why is Revival slow in coming?

Many a book has been written about this, so when I heard the still small voice ask me, I was surprised. Yet I wasn't surprised by the next question - “Why are most people so reluctant to pay the price?” […]

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