4th October 2021

OLD WELLS REOPENED IN WEST WALES Saturday 25th September we visited Blaenannerch Chapel - where Evan Roberts was anointed for the Welsh Revival in 1904. A small group, seven of us, turned up. We declared Gods territory, we came against […]

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28th September 2019
GREY WOODPECKERS - Heaven's promises into life's realities

As some of you may remember, I don't remember many dreams - hardly any in fact. So the other night, in my hospital bed, the lord took me slowly and methodically through a dream. Not just the once, but several […]

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7th September 2019
Britain the Great

This morning as I was getting ready to have my prayer time with the Lord I was taken into this beautiful vision. I found myself sitting in the middle of the most beautiful wildflower meadow and the sun was shining […]

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16th August 2019
Time For Reaping

“It's time for reaping!” I heard these words from Dr Sam Matthews at the Bless Wales event earlier this year. Today, the Lord brought the words back to me as I read a Word for Britain from Veronika West. “Yes, […]

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15th August 2019

There's been all manner of prophetic words for almost every corner of the UK & Ireland this year. Revival is coming is the predominant message upon which most, if not all, are agreed. Where there is a distinct lack of […]

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15th August 2019

There's a different wind blowing over Texas. It's not a stormy wind, although it's a strong wind. It's not any usual weather related wind - in fact many won't even know it's blowing. This is the Lords cleansing wind. It […]

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