7th July 2019
Renaissance of Glory

Sitting here this evening thinking about all the extraordinary events taking place in the world at this time and I heard the Spirit say 'There's a renaissance of Glory coming'. I found that a fascinating thing to say and it […]

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4th July 2019
10 Days in Wales

We are just back from a life changing few days in Wales. “So, what's new about you going to Wales?”, I hear you ask. Well, there's nothing new about us GOING to Wales, but it's all about what we received […]

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22nd June 2019
Fresh Mantles

I spotted this quotable quote on Facebook and it started me thinking. It's a good solid word worthy of our thoughts. “Out of all the true Apostles & Prophets I know, none of them aspired to be one nor sought […]

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19th June 2019

One thing we can rely on from the enemy, Satan - he will always reveal his plans in an unavoidably obvious way! So it is once again in the UK right now over the Tory leadership, Brexit, and Trump. The […]

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27th May 2019
End Times Are Upon Us

A serious warning for Christians everywhere. Many people are in a dry place right now. They're under attack, often quite heavy attack from the enemy. Talking to the Lord this morning, to many people, including me, He has gone very […]

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27th May 2019
Open Your Spiritual Eyes

I've been recently saying that if I have one prayer that I pray it's that people will ask God to open their spiritual eyes that they can see what He is doing by His Spirit and not listen to what […]

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