Britain the Great

7th September 2019

This morning as I was getting ready to have my prayer time with the Lord I was taken into this beautiful vision. I found myself sitting in the middle of the most beautiful wildflower meadow and the sun was shining brightly and was warm on my face. The flowers surrounding me had the most splendid aroma, butterflies were fluttering all around and the birdsong was amazingly beautiful and sweet.

I asked the Lord 'What is this? It's the most beautiful place I've seen!'
He answered 'This is my beautiful Britain which will once again be flowing with milk and honey just as Israel was when I took her out of bondage. My beautiful Britain will once again remember her identity as GREAT BRITAIN and will once again reign as she was called. My Beautiful Britain forgot who she was and who I AM and allowed the ungodly tentacles of the EU to enslave her people. But, once again I heard the faithful cries of my remnant who were crying out for freedom. Britain, beautiful GREAT BRITAIN remembered Me and I answered'.

by Linda Bennett

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