A Serious Cry for Unity

16th July 2019

We've just returned from another conference - this one in Cardiff, the capitol city of Wales. What a few days we had too. The overriding mood was one of intimacy in the presence of God. We were bowled over by His presence probably four times in three days. Four times we were shredded, reduced to incoherent blubbering heaps, face down in the presence of a sovereign God demonstrating His love for His people. Four times we ‘came to’ with some unknown saint praying fervently over us for their brothers and sisters. There was such unity in the body of Christ assembled there, that it flew defiantly in the face of the disunity so prevalent at the moment.

It was so wonderful yet the Lord is still rebuking the disunity in His Church! When He spoke to me about this, I was like - “what? But Lord, we saw such unity there?” “No”, said the Lord, “You saw only a fragment of what I require!” I was stunned and silent before Him. “You barely scratched the surface of unity in that time.”

“My people quote Psalm 133:1 - (Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!) and John 17 - (Jesus prayer for unity)! Yet all I saw was a unity among just a few of My people - an egg cup full when I'm seeking an ocean! Where were My people? Where was the support from other churches?”

“Here is the problem with unity in My church - they are all scared of losing ‘their’ flock to other churches! They are all watching each other with suspicion of poaching and ‘empire building’. Foolish leaders - do you not understand my laws of reciprocity? As 20 leave you, so 20 will come from other churches and bring a further 10 with them - that's how you all grow. I use the sometimes ‘fickle selectiveness’ of many people to grow My church. Where is the love and support of each other? All I see is jealousy and controlling shepherds who threaten and bully ‘their flock’ into loyalty!”

“Shame on you shepherds who knew about these events, yet didn't even tell your flock about them. Worse still, you threatened your flock if they went! Where there is disunity I will remove your candlestick!”, says the Lord. “Where there is unity I will make you as a light, a beacon on the hill for all to see. Where there is unity, I will make for Myself a place of habitation, a magnet to grow My church!”

This is a message for the whole Church, not for any one church, or even group of churches, but for the whole Church. The Lord will have unity among His people. He is emphasising to me that in order for a seed to grow, it must fall to the ground and die. This applies just as much corporately as individually. The individual and the church alike must be willing to die in order that it may live and produce a harvest.

These events we have attended recently - can you imagine the effect on their areas or even on their entire country had the church corporately had a bit more unity? What if the next couple of events in your locality, the church would lower her defences and just allow Holy Spirit to work unfettered and unlimited by disunity? It's time for all of us to drop the barriers of guardianship and to spread the word of unity, brotherhood, and trust - just like in the first century church?

For those who have ears to hear . . . . . .

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