10 Days in Wales

4th July 2019

We are just back from a life changing few days in Wales. “So, what's new about you going to Wales?”, I hear you ask. Well, there's nothing new about us GOING to Wales, but it's all about what we received there, and carried back FROM Wales this time! Here's the diary

Day 1 - Welshpool

We drove to Welshpool again without incident. We had arranged to meet with a lady from Texas who wanted to visit Wales and meet with Christians, and to visit the old revival ‘hot spots’. We all went to a Filling Station meeting in Welshpool town hall and heard a good address from their visiting speaker. As we didn't have to be in Swansea until the following evening, we arranged for a quiet prayer gathering next morning at our hosts home.

Day 2 - Swansea - Pisgah Chapel 

Before departing for Swansea, we picked up our visitor from Texas. Sadly, she'd had an accident in the hotel and hurt her knee, but we didn't allow this to spoil the day and everyone got prayed for before we set off on the winding and beautiful road to Swansea.

We all had time to freshen up before setting off for the prayer meeting in Pisgah Chapel. Built in 1898, Pisgah was the place where Evan Roberts of the 1904-6 Welsh Revival spent much time in prayer. There is a strong anointing on that place and we spent time in prayer there - as the Spirit led us - before being taken to Evan Roberts birthplace and childhood home, and to the site of the coal mine where he first worked before learning the blacksmiths trade. We were even given a small piece of coal from that mine - a special little treat!

Day 3 - Swansea - Moriah Chapel and BCW

The following day, the present owners of Moriah Chapel, the “birthplace” of the Welsh Revival, very kindly opened to give us all a conducted tour and history of the revival and of Evan Roberts life. Our guide, Alun, had met the man himself many years ago so it was a first hand guide with one who actually knew Evan Roberts! It took some time so we decided to have an easy afternoon after an obligatory visit to Rees Howells Bible College of Wales. The anointing on both Moriah and BCW is still so strong. We even did a very short broadcast from BCW whilst there !!! Our visits to these historical revival spots was significant and we felt that we brought something away with us.

Day 4 - Near Monmouth

Next morning, we bade farewell to the lady from Texas as Linda and I had another Filling Station meeting where we were the speakers! We drove to Coleford, which is actually half an inch over the border in England, and met with our hostesses. The meeting was lively with 50-60 people there. The worship was good, our message seemed to be well received, and we ministered to those who wanted ministry and prayer afterwards.

Day 5 - Milford Haven

Next day, before we left for Milford Haven, our lovely hostesses took us to a place called Symonds Yat, a very high place overlooking the Forest of Dean area where we first had breakfast, and then prayed, declared, and prophesied over the whole area. It caused us some amusement to see how people approached us, heard our praying, and moved on quickly! And so to Milford Haven - another 3 hour drive away.

We arrived at our amazing hosts house and settled in for the night whilst preparing for church the next morning.

Day 6 - Cleddau Community Apostolic Centre

Setting off early to Cleddau Community Apostolic Centre, we had asked who is speaking? You are? Oh !!!!!! I wondered why I had made so many notes. There's a vast difference between being asked to bring A word, and bringing THE word! Still it all went very well and ministry was all good. We finished the day relaxing and wondering what the next day held.

Day 7 - Blaenannerch and prayer meeting

There are some days which are totally forgettable, and there are days which have such an impact that they be come seminal days in our journey. This day proved to be one such seminal day for us. A day when we received a mighty touch from the Lord; so much so that are going to need to fast and pray in order to fully understand what it is that we have received, and what we are to do with it!

The small Chapel and schoolroom in Blaenannerch is the place where Seth Joshua preached, and Evan Roberts prayed his famous prayer, “Bend me, Lord!” He received that touch, and with it the anointing to lead the Welsh Revival. We were taken there this bright and sunny Monday morning, little knowing what was in store. Blaenannerch is a tiny village just north east of the county town of Cardigan. The chapel itself is very neat and well kept, but is much like many other Welsh chapels built around the turn of the century. It is very well kept inside too, with fresh paint and polished pews exactly as they were in 1903/4 when Evan Roberts was there. A plaque marks the very pew in which he sat as he prayed that “Bend me!” prayer. 

There history ends and the anointing takes over!

As Linda approached the door, she felt nothing, but as soon as she placed her foot on the threshold, it was like electricity shot through her. It was a bit scary and she ventured inside with great caution and great emotion - being suddenly aware that this is a holy place of God. For me, it took longer as I stepped boldly in, camera at the ready. 

We both sat in Evan Roberts pew. Linda sat there sobbing in the Presence of the Lord. For me it was overwhelming, and, as I stood to pray, I was overcome with emotion and a great feeling of unworthiness to even be in that place. Our hosts prayed over us. I was later drawn back to the pew again where the Lord assured me that He had made me worthy by His Blood! Linda's fears subsided too and we both knew we had received a mighty blessing and touch from the Lord. We spent about 90 minutes there praying and just receiving from the Lord. Like many before us, famous and unknown, it was a place of impartation. We'll keep you posted as we process everything from there.

In the evening, Cleddau church had their weekly prayer meeting where we were invited to contribute and to minister some more. We brought words for the church and for their own “Gideons remnant army” in Milford Haven.

Day 8 - Pembrokeshire beaches

Tuesday was a relax day as we were taken round many of the beautiful Pembrokeshire beaches and villages. One highlight was St Govans where an old monk built a house & chapel right in the cliff face. Then there was Dale, a wonderful village in a tiny bay - a real picture postcard place. Next came the cliffs overlooking Skomer and Skockholm, two islands just off the coast. A stunningly beautiful day, and places to remember. In the evening we prayed and chatted for hours with our wonderful hosts. Perfect end to a perfect few days with them.

Day 9 - Welshpool 

Driving another three plus hours back to Welshpool, a lovely meal, and an ‘early’ night

Day 10 - Home via Attingham Park House

The final hours of our visit to Wales were spent at Attingham Park - a stately home in Shropshire, now run by the National Trust, before setting off on our final four hour drive home. Safe and sound just a lot of traffic.

So what did we “do” on this trip. Well, about 900 miles, 12 meetings, several Kingdom appointments and new friends, plus a reinforced feeling of great love for Wales and her people, I suppose. Oh yes, and a great big blessing and anointing that we have yet to analyse and pray into.

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