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Linda Bennett


Originally from Tennessee, Linda found her way to the UK when the Lord brought her and Chris together in 2010 and that’s a story all in itself!

Whilst living In the States she was the Prayer Coordinator for her church and was part of their intercessory prayer group which saw amazing answers to prayer.

Linda was also a part of the Cleansing Streams Ministry which saw people delivered from strongholds and set free from their bondages. Alongside this was a period of abortion counselling - guiding both Mums and Dads through the Christian view and comforting those who had already lost their babies. In the States Linda was also a team member of The Healing Rooms, International which continued after she and Chris married when they ran their own Healing Room for 5 years.

For several years Linda was a member of Mission 24 founded by Jonathan Conrathe, travelling with the ministry, ministering alongside Jonathan and was also their Prayer Coordinator for several years. 

As a member of Liberty Church in South Yorkshire she and Chris were involved in the prayer ministry, were house pastors, house group leaders, ran a homeless/addict feeding program each week and also were responsible for the evangelistic outreaches in the Rotherham Town Centre twice a month.

Linda has a deep desire to see women set free from the effects of domestic abuse and to see them live their lives to the fullest in God and to see their destinies fulfilled. 

Although Linda and Chris both operate as Prophets and also in healing and deliverance, their favourite role is as Mom and Dad to people in the Kingdom. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your spiritual children grow and develop into the godly men and women they were born to be.

Chris Bennett


Chris was born and raised in London, came to the Lord on December 2nd 1962 aged 19. He was baptised in the Holy Spirit in 1990 - that's a story on its own. 

In 1995, Chris was called to sit under a prophet for 12 years from 1995-2007. He finally started in ministry with a prophetic healing ministry late 2007 visiting ten countries on over 100 ministry trips in Europe until May 2011. 

He had an interesting experience of “Deep End Ministry” in Brussels & Woking - that's part of his testimony. First married 1971, now a father & grandfather, he was widowed in early 2007. 

The Lord helped him to meet and marry Linda in November 2010 - blame Twitter. Strong in the prophetic ministry, with Linda, he ran Healing Rooms in two towns.

Also with Linda they together have a strong Facebook ministry. Along with Linda, Chris operates in all the Holy Spirit gifts.

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